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Column Options

The table below contains the display options for the results column that contains all scopes and facets/filters.

SX Type Field Subfields Allowed Values Description
results display column_collapse_show false (default), true Desktop Only - Show an icon that allows the user to collapse the main facet and navigation column.
column_collapse_default false (default), true Desktop Only - If column_collapse_show, default the facet and navigation column to the collapsed state.
hide_column false (default), true Desktop Only - Hide the main filtering column that contains entity scopes (Products, Collections, Articles, Pages) and all facets/filters.
layout 'left' (default), 'right' Display facets column on left or right of the page.


Search X Column Collapse


  window.sx_results = {
    options: {
      display: {
        layout: 'right'